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DOGS Bullets & Carnage: 8
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: 10
Sweeney Todd: 20
Dexter: 5
Coffee Prince: 8
Actresses (Charlotte Gainsboroug, Ellen Page, Horikita Maki): 10
Total: 61 (odd numbers, THEY BOTHER ME oskdfasdf--)

Requests are now open for icons and coloring manga panels!

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Rules & Guidelines: Credit is necessary, comments are appreciated! Textless icons are not bases, please do not manipulate or edit any of them. Visit our awesome affiliates and drop a comment if you're interested in affiliation!

Requested Icons~

Yay I'm done with the requests from this entry!~ :D; Figured I'll try to finish them before the new school term starts.


Technically, all icons are shareable [other than those with text I guess .___. um yeahh], unless the requester would prefer it not to be. I should have asked earlier, YIKESSS.

Uhh... yeah. I'll be more organised next time about this, if I open another icon request entry? xD;;;

[68] Requested Icons [including variations lol]
[1] coloured page from the requests [somehow ended up colouring the page]
[1] DOGS Wallpaper set ( variations, sizes: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960]

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Please leave a comment so that I know you've collected your icons!~ :D; Please credit as well~~
Requests are mostly closed, unless you've reserved a spot!
but if you really hate your requested icons' result, I can actually try to make you ONE other icon! :0000;;;

Icon post #3!

85 Icons Total:
[11] Air Gear
[23] CLAMP (TRC, xxxholic etc.)
[25] Games (Eternal Sonata, Fire Emblem, Persona 3)
[8] Range Murata artwork
[18] Others

Other Graphics
Headers: 2

Just wanted to post an icon entry before the new year; stuff that I've iconed since early December and the many many icons that I made between the last few days. xD;;;

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As usual, comment and credit = ♥~

Leave a comment, in this format:

Image: url; medium to high quality image pls, thanks!~
Text: (most icons will probably be textless but if you want text, state so here~)
Colour Ref: (if image is b/w/ I've never iconed that series)

Go ahead and request for more than 1 icon, but not like uhhh...... 4 or 5 each. [though this depends on how many people who actually want an icon request lollll.]

All requests in my next icon entry!~ soooo.........request away? ♥

Join? Watch? Affliate?

(ICON BATCH -- #11)

Bleach: 15
DOGS: 17
Cosplay (Deathnote, Final Fantasy, etc): 12
Nodame Cantabile: 16
Total: 60 icons

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The beautiful bleach fanart in almost all the icons is from the fanart site OFF-RECORD, while the amazing cosplay was found at Perfect Cosplay, so feel free to drop by over there and fangasm at all the pretties. I know I did 8D;

Rules&Guidelines: Please credit and comment when taking icons, and do not redistribute anywhere else without permission! Textless icons are not toys to tinker with, they were sprinkled with dedication and tough love from yours truly ♥♥.

Oh, and do check out our amazing affiliates! I KNOW YOU WANT TO.

We'll be reaching our 200 watchers very shortly, and when we do, prepare yourselves for a very nice surprise 8DD.

OH AND PLEASE GIVE IT UP FOR enacting ON HER AMAZING WIN AT manga_battle!~ our bby won first place! 8D.

Icon post #2

[5] D.gray-man
[33] Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn!
[21] Range Murata's artworks
[28] Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle/ xxxHolic (and one CCS Sakura ~__~)
[7] Vampire Knight

[12] Misc. [icons made from animanga_lims images and one Totoro icon]

Equals to: 106 Icons in Total~

mainly icons that i've made since uhh the first of October.
[and the icons collect there and slowly, from then till now, I hit 100 icons again LOLLL]

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(ICON BATCH -- #10)

Phoenix Wright: 25
Spider Lilies: 10
Horikita Maki: 10
DOGS wallpapers: 3
Total: 45 icons, 3 wallpapers (an unusually small batch :o)

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Rules & Guidelines!: Please comment when you gank anything and credit is necessary and so very loved as well. Textless icons are not bases, and I'd rather prefer you not tinker with them, the texture-less versions of the wallpapers may be used for icons, banners, etc, but please be sure to credit me for le coloring! Tuff stuff that was, but sharing is caring non? 8DD; Hopefully the rules are easy enough to abide by, AND DO FEEL FREE TO CHECK OUT OUR HOT AFFILIATES! And join our happy family, we don't bite....hard. 8D

(ICON BATCH -- #9)

Bleach: 6
Death Note (doujin): 6 (credited~)
FFVII (fanart & scans): 12 (DON'T SHOOT, sites are credited 8D;)
Artists (A Fine Frenzy, John Mayer, KT Tunstall): 12
JDRAMA Actress/Actor (Horikita Maki & Oguri Shun): 14
Total: 61

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And ze beautiful guidelines ufcorse!: Credit is MANDATORY, and comments are loved beyond belief~ 8D. Please keep in mind that textless icons are not bases, they are touched with my sweat and labor (..ew) :(! Do refrain from editing the icons, if theres anything you want adjusted in a icon, I'd prefer you ask me about it and maybe I'll give it a tiny little makeover :D; Lastly, if you like any of the icons, feel free to join the community and/or watch us!

Oh by the way, we have some pretty awesome affiliates. Feel free to join!

(BTW, we are missing one of our affiliate names due to a slip-up I made during the editing of our affiliates post! Icon community of number 14, please if you can, comment to this post with your full lj user name! Sorry for messing up, but thanks in advance! 8DD;)


[actually, these icons have been lying on my hard disk for more than a month already lol]

[20] Animanga Lims icons [Week 1, Week 2 submissions + variations LOLLLL]
[70!] Code Geass
[21] Others
-1 Air Gear
-3 Chobits
-2 D.Gray-Man
-6 Darker Than Black [mainly Hei LOLLL]
-3 Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
-5 xxxHOLIC

[wow I hit a new high. lol variations aplenty of course]

READ MOREE.....Collapse )

Guidelines: Comment/credit=love!~ Textless are not bases. Resources at my journal, along with older icon posts. [probably have to update that again soon, d/led quite a bunch of textures/brushes lately -__-;;;]

Oh and this is sort of a test batch too; most icons [except say about 20 code geass icons or so] were made on my laptop, so if icons are too bright/dull i can blame my laptop's brightness settings. so should I continue iconing on my laptop?? xD;;;

Join? Watch? Affliate?

(ICON BATCH -- #8)

DOGS: 9 Ouran High School Host Club: 7 Actors & Actresses (Horikita Maki, Oguri Shun, Tomohisa Yamashita): 24 LIMS & misc.: 20 Total:60 Read more...Collapse ) DA SRS BUSSINEZ GUIDELINEZ: I don't mind if you don't comment (but commenting is still so very nice &hearts) but credit is a must if you're snagging any icons! Textless icons are not bases, and it'd make me very very pissed sad if anyone edited the icons, so please let them be! ALSO, if you like what you see, feel free to join the community for even more updates/batches right on yarr f-list 8D! AND LASTLY, our lovely affiliates!

Surprise Annoucements

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1. We've hit 150 watchers zeeohmaigord.

Thank you, every single one of you, for watching our community and sticking around! You make us want to work harder, so we'll promise to release more often and cause landslides on your f-lists!! (okay maybe not so destructive, but yeah!)

2. RETURN OF THE JEDI feat. Puchiyonkyo Puchikonyo

Everyone say hello to puchikonyo.

WE (FINALLY) have all the mirror pieces team members we need and now we can go to the Hyrule castle to save some unknown woman...

Randomly, I thought of the "STAR WARS" idea as a welcoming treat for our newest in-house iconist, puchikonyo. It was (logically) supposed to be "A NEW HOPE" but you all can't agree more that "RETURN OF THE JEDI ICONIST" sounds cooler and nicer??! And since you're so PRO and all making icons anyway~~

Initially I kept mis-spelling your name as "Yonkyo" instead of just "Konyo" lolx? BLAHZER and LYNNZZ should know.

Lastly, in case you're wondering what happened to anna_sea... She's now retired as an HONORARY CONTRIBUTOR.

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