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the icon journal;
Welcome to the icon journal of Deijki and XY! All our iconists have distinctly different styles, covering all fandoms of the spectrum ranging from popular animanga series like Bleach to blockbuster movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. If you like the icons you see here, feel free to join the community! New members are always welcomed 8D.

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the team;
Hikki Dejiki Lynn XY

I work only with enough bugging or when I can get off my lazy ass, so don't expect batches with crazy amount of icons constantly. My fellow iconists do that in my place 8D. But HEY, it's quality over quantity right?

I'm not really into beautifying icons excessively. Instead, I tend to blend in inside jokes into my icons. I'm sorta of the BOSSu of this community but I don't make icons all the time - My work is more on visual communication and media design.

I'll make icons as much as I can, seeing as to the fact I'm pretty sure by now I've grown some icon impulse, which basically means any pretty stock image I see is bound to be iconed in a matter of minutes.

Mainly, expect to see quite a number of variations in my icon batches!! xD; [just... way too indecisive on which one to use sometimes??]
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