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[actually, these icons have been lying on my hard disk for more than a month already lol]

[20] Animanga Lims icons [Week 1, Week 2 submissions + variations LOLLLL]
[70!] Code Geass
[21] Others
-1 Air Gear
-3 Chobits
-2 D.Gray-Man
-6 Darker Than Black [mainly Hei LOLLL]
-3 Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
-5 xxxHOLIC

[wow I hit a new high. lol variations aplenty of course]

READ MOREE.....Collapse )

Guidelines: Comment/credit=love!~ Textless are not bases. Resources at my journal, along with older icon posts. [probably have to update that again soon, d/led quite a bunch of textures/brushes lately -__-;;;]

Oh and this is sort of a test batch too; most icons [except say about 20 code geass icons or so] were made on my laptop, so if icons are too bright/dull i can blame my laptop's brightness settings. so should I continue iconing on my laptop?? xD;;;

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