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(ICON BATCH -- #11)

Bleach: 15
DOGS: 17
Cosplay (Deathnote, Final Fantasy, etc): 12
Nodame Cantabile: 16
Total: 60 icons

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The beautiful bleach fanart in almost all the icons is from the fanart site OFF-RECORD, while the amazing cosplay was found at Perfect Cosplay, so feel free to drop by over there and fangasm at all the pretties. I know I did 8D;

Rules&Guidelines: Please credit and comment when taking icons, and do not redistribute anywhere else without permission! Textless icons are not toys to tinker with, they were sprinkled with dedication and tough love from yours truly ♥♥.

Oh, and do check out our amazing affiliates! I KNOW YOU WANT TO.

We'll be reaching our 200 watchers very shortly, and when we do, prepare yourselves for a very nice surprise 8DD.

OH AND PLEASE GIVE IT UP FOR enacting ON HER AMAZING WIN AT manga_battle!~ our bby won first place! 8D.

(ICON BATCH -- #9)

Bleach: 6
Death Note (doujin): 6 (credited~)
FFVII (fanart & scans): 12 (DON'T SHOOT, sites are credited 8D;)
Artists (A Fine Frenzy, John Mayer, KT Tunstall): 12
JDRAMA Actress/Actor (Horikita Maki & Oguri Shun): 14
Total: 61

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And ze beautiful guidelines ufcorse!: Credit is MANDATORY, and comments are loved beyond belief~ 8D. Please keep in mind that textless icons are not bases, they are touched with my sweat and labor (..ew) :(! Do refrain from editing the icons, if theres anything you want adjusted in a icon, I'd prefer you ask me about it and maybe I'll give it a tiny little makeover :D; Lastly, if you like any of the icons, feel free to join the community and/or watch us!

Oh by the way, we have some pretty awesome affiliates. Feel free to join!

(BTW, we are missing one of our affiliate names due to a slip-up I made during the editing of our affiliates post! Icon community of number 14, please if you can, comment to this post with your full lj user name! Sorry for messing up, but thanks in advance! 8DD;)

(ICON BATCH -- #8)

DOGS: 9 Ouran High School Host Club: 7 Actors & Actresses (Horikita Maki, Oguri Shun, Tomohisa Yamashita): 24 LIMS & misc.: 20 Total:60 Read more...Collapse ) DA SRS BUSSINEZ GUIDELINEZ: I don't mind if you don't comment (but commenting is still so very nice &hearts) but credit is a must if you're snagging any icons! Textless icons are not bases, and it'd make me very very pissed sad if anyone edited the icons, so please let them be! ALSO, if you like what you see, feel free to join the community for even more updates/batches right on yarr f-list 8D! AND LASTLY, our lovely affiliates!

(ICON BATCH -- #6)

Bleach: 10
Deathnote: 16
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: 12
Kingdom Hearts (I & II): 10
Utada Hikaru & Suga Shikao: 9
Ouran High School Host Club: 12
Total: 77 (LUCKY NUMBER!!1)

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Guidelines: If you decide to gank any icons be sure to credit! Comments are always loved and appreciated to death, and remember that textless icons or rather, simple looking ones are not bases~ All resources and credits are located at my journal and feel free to join or watch the community for further updates! 8DD

(P.S, cosplayer in Urahara icon #2 is none other than Scruffy Rebel on cosplay.com! Thanks to thefadingdream for the information~)

Sadly our awesome affiliates list has gotten oh so long, but I refuse to stop pimping!

Icon dump [04].

A huge multi-fandom post! Enjoy ;3

[ 11 ] Bleach
[ 11 ] Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
[ 08 ] Code Geass
[ 13 ] Death Note
[ 07 ] w-inds.
[ 12 ] Final Fantasy IX-XIII
[ 05 ] Misc. videogames

Total = 67


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Rules: Comment, credit graphfix_this or blahzer, join and/or watch the community for updates. Textless aren't bases, and please don't edit any of the icons, thanks. Resources found here. Don't see a favourite character? Feel free to request and you just might see them in my next batch 8D

Please visit our lovely affliates here!

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(ICON BATCH -- #5)

Bleach: 18
Deathnote: 6
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: 14
Kingdom Hearts (I & II): 4
Utada Hikaru & misc: 8
Total: 58.
Wallpapers: 1
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Guidelines: Snagging icons is fine and dandy, and yes zomg very appreciated, as long as it's take with proper credit! (the only exception being the wallpaper, a simple comment would suffice 8D.) And yarr, a comment o' appreciation would never hurt as well :D. Resources and credit are located in my userinfo, and on a parting note, don't hesitate to join/watch the community for further batches and/or updates! 8DD.

Click the following to be magically and mysteriously transported to other LJ communities or pages with some pretty awesome icons!!11 (AKA: PIMPAGE FOR OUR AFFILIATES <3~): crossing_it //i_deer //tofu_icons //feixx //bulletscarnage //pekkoe_ikkons// ohsnape// full_moon_sways// dragonicons // iconicidal // threeleaves

(ICON BATCH -- #4)

Bleach: 11
Death Note: 12
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: 10
Kingdom Hearts: 7
Misc. (DOC, FSN, Suga Shikao): 6
Total: 58.
FO Banners: 5
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Guidelines: If snagging any icons please leave a comment and be sure to credit please. Credits and resources are located at my userinfo (because everyone loves credit~), and last but not least, please don't hesitate to add/watch this community for further updates and batches!

Other communities/users that have some pretty awesome icons (AKA: PIMPAGE FOR OUR AFFILIATES): crossing_it //i_deer //tofu_icons //feixx //bulletscarnage //pekkoe_ikkons// ohsnape// full_moon_sways// dragonicons

(ICON BATCH -- #3)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: 8
Death Note: 13
Bleach: 11
Fate/Stay Night: 6
Utada Hikaru: 5
Advent Children: 7
Total: 50
FO Banners: 5
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Guidelines: If taking, please comment and credit either graphfix_this or elwhyenen. Do not steal any icons and/or banners, and please refrain from editing and re-distributing. Please keep in mind that none of them are simply bases! I totally did some stuff on it, and hopefully it shows. Also, feel free to friend and/or add this community for access to more icon batches and updates, please and thank you! 8D

Selfless pimpage for our awesome affliates!: crossing_it // i_deer // tofu_icons // feixx // dragonicons // qwertygrafx // bulletscarnage

(ICON BATCH -- #2)

Fate/Stay Night: 12
Death Note: 7
Bleach: 7
OHSHC (Ouran High School Host Club): 3
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: 6
Kingdom Hearts: 6
Dirge of Cerberus: 2
Total: 43.

Guidelines: If taking, please comment and credit either graphfix_this or elwhyenen. Do not steal any icons and please refrain from editing and re-distributing. Also, feel free to friend and/or add this community for access to more icon batches and updates, please and thank you! 8D
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