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Icon Post #5

Quite a number of crack/quote icons for this batch [more than usual at least]. The quote icons were so fun to make~ xD;

72 Icons Total
-15 Code Geass
-31 Gundam 00
-16 Apollo Justice- Ace Attorney
-6 Misc (Icons of Green Glass artworks)
-4 The Simpsons (random season 18 quotes)

1 FO Banner

Icons under the cut!Collapse )

After this, I'll probably icon less because of schoolwork. :(( Though there's so many series that I wanted to icon. -__- but those will have to wait...

Icon post #4

89 Icons Total
[62] Blood+
[9] Code Geass
[11] Gundam 00
[7] Misc (Disgaea, TTGL, xxxHolic)

Bunch of icons, made mainly during and after watching the Blood+ anime series (ish good k), and some random others.~

Iconss under the cut!Collapse )

Comments & credit are loved!~
Resources post can be found here.

Blood+ screencaps taken from whiteplums and Random Curiosity.


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Thanks LOTSS for the noms and stuff.~ :D and go go gooo nominate others as well! ;)

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