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[actually, these icons have been lying on my hard disk for more than a month already lol]

[20] Animanga Lims icons [Week 1, Week 2 submissions + variations LOLLLL]
[70!] Code Geass
[21] Others
-1 Air Gear
-3 Chobits
-2 D.Gray-Man
-6 Darker Than Black [mainly Hei LOLLL]
-3 Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
-5 xxxHOLIC

[wow I hit a new high. lol variations aplenty of course]

READ MOREE.....Collapse )

Guidelines: Comment/credit=love!~ Textless are not bases. Resources at my journal, along with older icon posts. [probably have to update that again soon, d/led quite a bunch of textures/brushes lately -__-;;;]

Oh and this is sort of a test batch too; most icons [except say about 20 code geass icons or so] were made on my laptop, so if icons are too bright/dull i can blame my laptop's brightness settings. so should I continue iconing on my laptop?? xD;;;

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(ICON BATCH -- #8)

DOGS: 9 Ouran High School Host Club: 7 Actors & Actresses (Horikita Maki, Oguri Shun, Tomohisa Yamashita): 24 LIMS & misc.: 20 Total:60 Read more...Collapse ) DA SRS BUSSINEZ GUIDELINEZ: I don't mind if you don't comment (but commenting is still so very nice &hearts) but credit is a must if you're snagging any icons! Textless icons are not bases, and it'd make me very very pissed sad if anyone edited the icons, so please let them be! ALSO, if you like what you see, feel free to join the community for even more updates/batches right on yarr f-list 8D! AND LASTLY, our lovely affiliates!