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Icon Post #8

116 Icons
(41) Code Geass
(10) Kurenai
(16) Macross Frontier [mainly Alto crack icons LOLL]
(20) Peacemaker Kurogane
(08) Persona 3
(06) Range Murata

(05) Artwork by kidchan (so please credit her, you don't have to credit me for these icons~)
(10) Misc (Air gear/ Animanga_lims entries/ Soul Eater)

Others (Wallpapers)
-Persona 3 Wallpaper Set

Decided to post these before I never get around to doing so... Can't decide whether I like this batch or hate it. --;;;

icons under the cut!Collapse )

As usual, comments and credit are lovely and much appreciated~

our amazing AFFILIATES!