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(ICON BATCH -- #11)

Bleach: 15
DOGS: 17
Cosplay (Deathnote, Final Fantasy, etc): 12
Nodame Cantabile: 16
Total: 60 icons

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The beautiful bleach fanart in almost all the icons is from the fanart site OFF-RECORD, while the amazing cosplay was found at Perfect Cosplay, so feel free to drop by over there and fangasm at all the pretties. I know I did 8D;

Rules&Guidelines: Please credit and comment when taking icons, and do not redistribute anywhere else without permission! Textless icons are not toys to tinker with, they were sprinkled with dedication and tough love from yours truly ♥♥.

Oh, and do check out our amazing affiliates! I KNOW YOU WANT TO.

We'll be reaching our 200 watchers very shortly, and when we do, prepare yourselves for a very nice surprise 8DD.

OH AND PLEASE GIVE IT UP FOR enacting ON HER AMAZING WIN AT manga_battle!~ our bby won first place! 8D.