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(ICON BATCH -- #9)

Bleach: 6
Death Note (doujin): 6 (credited~)
FFVII (fanart & scans): 12 (DON'T SHOOT, sites are credited 8D;)
Artists (A Fine Frenzy, John Mayer, KT Tunstall): 12
JDRAMA Actress/Actor (Horikita Maki & Oguri Shun): 14
Total: 61

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And ze beautiful guidelines ufcorse!: Credit is MANDATORY, and comments are loved beyond belief~ 8D. Please keep in mind that textless icons are not bases, they are touched with my sweat and labor (..ew) :(! Do refrain from editing the icons, if theres anything you want adjusted in a icon, I'd prefer you ask me about it and maybe I'll give it a tiny little makeover :D; Lastly, if you like any of the icons, feel free to join the community and/or watch us!

Oh by the way, we have some pretty awesome affiliates. Feel free to join!

(BTW, we are missing one of our affiliate names due to a slip-up I made during the editing of our affiliates post! Icon community of number 14, please if you can, comment to this post with your full lj user name! Sorry for messing up, but thanks in advance! 8DD;)