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batch on crack - pack two

15x PIRATES on crack

start it.Collapse )

About batch two: Although batch one was really popular, further BLEACH batches will be rare thanks to ODEX killing us for torrenting free-to-air episodes from Japan and expects us to wait 3 years before they release BLEACH DVDs for the Bount arc. It was a difficult decision but all current B-O-C Bleach icons have to be delayed until further notice.

Don't worry! Even though anna_sea and digimax are not part of our "100th watcher celebrations"... We'll continue to work hard and create interesting content. BEST OF LUCK LYNN AND HIKKI FOR THE ANIME AWARDS THINGAMAJIGSAWPUZZLEBOBBLESZXRZX!!!!

Rules: Comment, credit graphfix_this or digimax, join and/or watch the community for updates. Less is more, so plain icons are not bases. Please don't edit any of the icons, thanks. No resources found here are used in the creation of the icons, such contraband items are forbidden in DAVY JONES' LOCKER.

Please visit our lovely affiliates: crossing_it // i_deer // tofu_icons // feixx // bulletscarnage // pekoe_ikkons // ohsnape // full_moon_sways // dragonicons. Yep, I'll always and only plug these people because I love them more than everyone else. No, it's not because I'm lazy and just copied-and-pasted it from another post.

and MEGA-PLUG to my friend... iconicidal, who may be passing on to the realm of greatestjournal for reasons unknown.