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Icon Post #8

116 Icons
(41) Code Geass
(10) Kurenai
(16) Macross Frontier [mainly Alto crack icons LOLL]
(20) Peacemaker Kurogane
(08) Persona 3
(06) Range Murata

(05) Artwork by kidchan (so please credit her, you don't have to credit me for these icons~)
(10) Misc (Air gear/ Animanga_lims entries/ Soul Eater)

Others (Wallpapers)
-Persona 3 Wallpaper Set

Decided to post these before I never get around to doing so... Can't decide whether I like this batch or hate it. --;;;

icons under the cut!Collapse )

As usual, comments and credit are lovely and much appreciated~

our amazing AFFILIATES!

Icon Post #7

Wanted to wait till I hit a 100icons, but then got lazy. loll So I thought I'll post these before I forget haha. It's a uh... 'bit-of-everything' post. LOLL

83 Icons
(8) Air Gear
(6) Code Geass
(wow, no lulu for once haha)
(8) Nana
(5) Peacemaker Kurogane
(essentially, variations of 1 image)
(31) Range Murata artwork
(13) Soul Eater
(all of Death the Kidd LOLL)
(8) xxxHOLIC

(4) Others (hamsters and uhhh 1 TWEWY icon)

1 Wallpaper
-3 Variations, image taken from foto_decadent

Yep, truly a bit of everything ahahaha.

it's all under the cut~Collapse )
Comments/credit = love, pls do not alter icons/wallpapers, they are not bases~

P.S enacting, we're both at icon post #7 already?? LOLLL

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Icon post #3!

85 Icons Total:
[11] Air Gear
[23] CLAMP (TRC, xxxholic etc.)
[25] Games (Eternal Sonata, Fire Emblem, Persona 3)
[8] Range Murata artwork
[18] Others

Other Graphics
Headers: 2

Just wanted to post an icon entry before the new year; stuff that I've iconed since early December and the many many icons that I made between the last few days. xD;;;

less.... variations this time? xD;Collapse )

As usual, comment and credit = ♥~

Leave a comment, in this format:

Image: url; medium to high quality image pls, thanks!~
Text: (most icons will probably be textless but if you want text, state so here~)
Colour Ref: (if image is b/w/ I've never iconed that series)

Go ahead and request for more than 1 icon, but not like uhhh...... 4 or 5 each. [though this depends on how many people who actually want an icon request lollll.]

All requests in my next icon entry!~ soooo.........request away? ♥

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Icon post #2

[5] D.gray-man
[33] Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn!
[21] Range Murata's artworks
[28] Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle/ xxxHolic (and one CCS Sakura ~__~)
[7] Vampire Knight

[12] Misc. [icons made from animanga_lims images and one Totoro icon]

Equals to: 106 Icons in Total~

mainly icons that i've made since uhh the first of October.
[and the icons collect there and slowly, from then till now, I hit 100 icons again LOLLL]

Icons under the cut!Collapse )