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(Finished REQUESTS)

I'm sorry for the huge delay, I was really busy the past few days (WEEKS? IDK ;_;) and I tried my best to finish these quickly but lol D8;;;

Please be sure to comment when you pick up your requested graphics, else wise I'll have to find means to remind you myself, they all need homes amirite? Oh and credit is necessary, I may be late but I did break a back or two trying to get them done :3.

kinda image-heavy, hurhurCollapse )

Rules & Guidelines: Credit is a must and please don't forget to comment telling me that you've picked up you requested icons/scans! The colored manga scans that are shareable may be reused for icons/banners as long as the necessary credit is given, but please do not edit any of the icons. If any of the requesters want some adjustments or edits feel free to leave a message on this post.

Reserved Requests: The following people have reserved requests from my previous thread and can comment on this post with the specifications for their requests (just follow the basic outline found in my icon batch please!)

1) wickedly_evil
2) versine

Requested Icons~

Yay I'm done with the requests from this entry!~ :D; Figured I'll try to finish them before the new school term starts.


Technically, all icons are shareable [other than those with text I guess .___. um yeahh], unless the requester would prefer it not to be. I should have asked earlier, YIKESSS.

Uhh... yeah. I'll be more organised next time about this, if I open another icon request entry? xD;;;

[68] Requested Icons [including variations lol]
[1] coloured page from the requests [somehow ended up colouring the page]
[1] DOGS Wallpaper set ( variations, sizes: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x960]

All of these under the cut!Collapse )

Please leave a comment so that I know you've collected your icons!~ :D; Please credit as well~~
Requests are mostly closed, unless you've reserved a spot!
but if you really hate your requested icons' result, I can actually try to make you ONE other icon! :0000;;;

Finished Requests

Finished, FINALLY! 8D

RULES: Please leave a comment saying you've picked up your graphics and remember that credit is mandatory!

WARNING; kind of image heavy?? 8DD;;Collapse )

(ICON BATCH -- #7) + Request Thread!

Utada Hikaru: 15
Yamashita Tomohisa: 9
DOGS: 2 FO banners, 2 wallpapers
Bleach: 2 FO banners
Tsubasa: 2 FO banners (+1 colored manga scan)
Deathnote: 2 FO banners
DNAngel: 1 FO banner
Total: 24 icons, 9 FO banners, 2 wallpapers, 1 colored manga scan.


Read more...Collapse )

Icon Guidelines: Please leave a comment if you decide to gank any icons, credit is mandatory! No, textless icons are not bases for you to manipulate, I worked hard on them, rly, I did :(!! All of my resources and such are found over here~ We'd love to have more members, so join or watch the community to keep in touch with all the latest batches and updates 8D!